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About us

Born from the union of a mechanical engineer, an IT engineer, an electronics engineer and a construction engineer, 4A Lynx Security is a branch of the group 4A Lynx, present in the market and providing the newest video surveillance technologies (digital and numerical), alarm systems, locks (code, fingerprint, facial recognition and magnetic card), etc, since July 2015.
We offer a wide range of quality products within the reach of every budget in order to help everyone to protect his or her belongings, his or her family and all that would have value to them.
The company operates in the areas of sales and installation of security products, both in the domestic and professional sectors. We offer complete packages from study to installation, monitoring and maintenance. Also, with our check in/check out products and access control units, we’re offering our expertise to allow you flexibility in managing your staff.
4A Lynx is committed to sustainable development and the choice of materials and installation processes at a lower cost in order to ensure the utmost safety and satisfaction of its customers. We remain available to meet you and study various opportunities for partnership.